• Belly-cargo / Freighter-Aircraft / Charterflights
  • Global Airport-Handling and Monitoring
  • Pre- / Oncarriages by Direct Courier-Services
  • IATA-Member
  • Get-secure –Reg. B DE/RA/01290
  • DGR-Experts
  • Temperature-Control with Data-Logger
  • GDP- certified staff for Pharmaproducts
Loading platform of air freight to the aircraft
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  • Belly cargo with max. 1,60 m hight on regular passenger-flights
  • Freighter- Aircrafts on all relevent routes to the business areas
    in the world for bigger and heavy cargo.
  • Charterflights with aircrafts in various sizes including the Antonov 225
    which is able to carry cargo up to 250 tons and 1.200 cbm
    worldwide and on demand.